Product features

A revolutionary new imaging device to aid in the detection and management of breast cancer

  • What is CT Laser Mammography?

    The CT Laser Mammography is an innovative device that can image the human breast to detect angiogenesis which may be an early indicator for cancer.

  • CT Laser Mammo vs. X-Ray Mammo

    The CTLM is unique because it uses no X-Radiation - only laser light - to create a 3D image. Unlike X-Ray mammo, the CTLM never compresses or even touches the breast making the entire exam easy and painless. In a study of over 100 women, including 30 with breast cancer, optical imaging increased sensitivity and specificity of breast cancer detection by more than 90% (Britton Chance, Molecular Imaging, Vol. 2 #2)

  • Why CT Laser Mammography?

    CTLM may provide a brighter future for cancer patients due to earlier diagnosis and treatment. Early visualization of tumors in the evolving process may aid in the early detection of breast cancer.

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CTLM® - Laser Breast Imaging Without Compression CTLM, an exciting new way of looking at breast abnormalities.


  • Leading-edge CT molecular imaging
  • No ionizing radiation (no X-ray)
  • Dense breasts easily imaged
  • Non-invasive/No contrast agent
  • Adjunctive to other breast imaging modalities
  • No breast compression (comfortable)
  • Easy and inexpensive to operate
  • High patient throughput